Henry Hoover and friends are smiley vacuum cleaners manufactured by Numatic in the United Kingdom. Their happy faces bring a bit of fun to everyday cleaning tasks. Henry Hoover Deals provides information about these products and links to buy them online.

Browse the range below which includes the traditional red Henry Hoover, the pink Hetty Hoover, Harry the green pet-specialist, big blue brother Charles and little yellow Harry. All these products can be purchased online with free home delivery.

The Henry Family

Charles CVC370


Charles can take care of both wet and dry messes and never feels blue.

Hetty HET200A


Henrietta, or Hetty Hoover, is the pink identical functioning companion to Henry.

Henry HVR200-12


Henry’s large smiling face brings professional cleaning capabilities to the home!

Harry HHR200A


Harry is the green pet-friendly specialist in the Henry Hoover range.

More about the Henry Hoover Range

Initially designed in 1968 by British inventor Chris Duncan, the iconic Henry is produced by the Numatic brand which is headquartered in the small town of Chard in Somerset.

Over the years the family has grown with new models added, originally all of whom were named after members of the Royal Family.